Book Week

Book Character Dress-up Day and Parade

Wednesday 22nd August

Yes, it is time to start planning how you are going to dress-up as your favourite book character.

We will hope and pray for a dry, still and mild day, so that we get to enjoy a whole school parade outside on the basketball courts or oval (there will be alternate plans if the weather is inclement!) between 9 and 10am. The students love this parade and the start time will offer the opportunity for parents and carers to pop in and watch the fun.

This activity will be a fundraiser for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and we would appreciate a gold coin donation.


There is about 4 weeks to go until the end of the challenge. At the beginning of Third term, I had 33 students who had completed the challenge by reading and filling in their own book lists. Congratulations to these enthusiastic readers.

I am about to start adding lots of books that students have read as a whole class activity or for the Foundation to Grade 2 students, many of the books that have been read to them in class and Library class. I think the Foundation to Year 2 students are guaranteed a glossy certificate in Term 4, after all the reading they have been doing!

With all the books that have been borrowed this year from the Library, I know there are many students in the 3-6 area that could easily put 15 books on the list and “complete” the challenge (30 books for the Foundation to Year2 students). Just pop in and ask Sallie for your User id and password and spend 20 minutes on the website.

Happy Reading!  From Sallie the Librarian.