Tour De Wales Street

The Tour De Wales Street has gathered speed with participants riding through the varied terrain of Thornbury. Crowds have cheered as children on bikes and scooters have ridden along Speight Street and Clarendon Road. Stage One closed last week (after the closing date for this publication) and the illusive jerseys have / will be handed out, so look for the riders of the yellow, white, green and Wales Street jerseys. In addition, the sought after prizes were awarded including lights, locks and water bottles. Stage Two is now in progess.


Will the wearers of the jerseys retain them? or will the glory be won by different students?


To enter, please collect an entry form from Alex / the office or download from the Tiqbiz notification. Submit this with evidence to support your entry.


1. Yellow Jersey -  Distance Rider

2. White Jersey -  Youngest Rider

3. Wales Street  - Most Rides

4. Green Jersey - Creative 


Lastly, extensive planning and trials are in place for the final ride on Friday August 14th. This will include a slalom relay and power glide for all entrants of the Tour De Wales Street.


Many thanks to the Wales Street Family Bike Club and the Melbourne Bicycle Centre for the support with this event.


Vive Le Tour.

Alexandra Darlington